Synchronize ArcGIS with Google Earth

The advantage of loading satellite images of Google Earth / Maps directly into ArcGIS, offers a wide range of applications and uses, for the simple fact of being the one server that covers a wide geographic area of the globe, also has good resolution and images up to date, you can also synchronize with the services of Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, CloudMade, MapBox, among others. Before indicating the methodological process for the integration, it is recommended to work with the WGS84 reference system (usually occurs otherwise displacements or deformations), the following shows the steps to follow:

1. Download and install ArcBruTile – Basemaps in ArcGIS Desktop 0.2.2 open source (in recent versions ArcGIS automatically registers but does not include Google services) requires. NET Framework 2 or higher.

2. Go to the installation directory to register the ArcBruTile.dll using ESRI Assembly Registration Utility, right click on the dll and select Open with…


3. Select open with another application on your computer, select ESRIRegAsm.exe located in the folder Common Files\ArcGIS\bin, accept the registration of the library.

Esri Assembly Registration Utility

4. Open ArcMap.

5. From the Customize -> Customize, select the ArcBruTile bar, now everything is ready, we can load layers vector/raster (do not forget to handle a workspace WGS84) from the bar ArcBruTile add satellite images of Google Earth/Maps or Bing, as shown in the following image.

 Sincronizar ArcGIS con Google Earth

Note: In some cases you can not locate the application ESRIRegAsm.exe within the Common Files folder, a possible solution is to install the Service Packs (depending on the version of ArcGIS), also install ArcBruTile in a different folder to Program Files.

10 thoughts on “Synchronize ArcGIS with Google Earth”

  1. Rafee says:

    Dll registration failed.

  2. Subrahmanya Bhat says:

    Great work. It will be very useful in all GIS projects. Thank you for sharing.

  3. MaxMerlo says:

    I’ve tried the procedure described, works fine with Bing and Google Roads but no images on Google Aerial, something was wrong?

    1. Hatchett says:

      Same problem here.

  4. Gab says:

    Hi, thanks for your work, Franz, it’s a great tool.
    Problem for me is the same than Maxmerlo; it works fine with everything except Google Aerial.
    Have you a clue for us?

  5. dkhang says:

    I’ve tried but arc burtile bar didn’t export google, it’s only bing.

  6. MaxMerlo says:

    Sadly as reported in the new versions of “ARCbrutile” Google Earth and Maps can’t be used as sources due to licensing issues, see
    I’ve tried the new version taht no longer has import from Google 🙁

  7. ROD says:

    I can’t find the ESRIRegAsm.exe file. How can I deal with this problem? you said something about the service packs? which service packs are we talking about!
    I would very much appreciate help.

  8. Mikea says:

    Tiling is very slow. Is there a solution of synchronizing arcmap extent with google earth?

    1. Mike says:

      Google Aerial does not work. Solution coming?

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