Online Sentinel 2 band combinations

The SENTINEL Hub web application is undoubtedly a great tool for creating online combinations of Sentinel 2 satellite imagery. Another great advantage is that it has the support of Amazon, ESA, and the European Union. Its operation is simple and intuitive, the following actions can be performed:

  • Search Scenes.- You can browse images from the entire earth’s surface and make simple queries to restrict scenes to specific date ranges, location and cloud cover.
  • Band Combinations.- Any scene can be displayed in different combinations of spectral channels. Select one of the preset rendering options or create custom visualization.
  • Image Effects.- Images can be additionally enhanced by applying image enhancements (effects) to highlight desired features in the most distinctive way.

To start you must launch the Sentinel Playground application and follow the steps described in the following video to create and download the Sentinel 2 band combinations.

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  1. Moussa Soule says:

    You are doing wonderful job

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