Insights for ArcGIS

Insights for ArcGIS is a new spatial analytics experience that brings fast, powerful data exploration and discovery to everyone in the enterprise. It extends and complements the ArcGIS platform as a “system of insight”. Insights blends spatial and non-spatial data, so you’re free to bring in and immediately start to work with enterprise databases such as SQL Server and SAP HANA, geodatabases, Excel spreadsheets, and any data that can be brought into your ArcGIS system as a feature layer

  • With Insights for ArcGIS, you can quickly discover the secrets your data holds. Visualize, analyze, and tell your story like never before.
  • With Insights, visual data discovery is a simple drag-and-drop process. Quickly analyze and refine results. Ask questions, get answers, and keep going.
  • Add demographic data for contextual analysis.
  • Insights provides guided spatial workflows for everyone.
  • The ArcGIS platform makes it easy to share and communicate your findings to key stakeholders.
  • Don’t feel limited to a subset of available information. Connect to all data sources.
  • Insights intelligently records your analysis workflow so you and others can run it again to solve other problems.
  Create a nice map with shaded relief in ArcGIS

Named users of ArcGIS can view results of Insights analysis shared with them. To perform analysis in Insights, users need to purchase a premium subscription in addition to the ArcGIS Named user license.

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