Insert pictures to the attribute table in ArcGIS

Store information within a Geodatabase, is a very good idea, but inserting images within the attribute table is a good addition to data management.

It requires a geodatabase, then create a new (if not count) Feature Class.

Crear Feature Class en ArcGIS

Since the ArcCatalog application enter the Geodatabase, open the properties of Feature Class, in the Fields tab add a new Field type Raster.

Nuevo campo tipo Raster

From ArcMap, add the Feature Class, then start editing, open the attribute table, go to the field raster type, and load the image, select a compression type and accept.

  Download Arc Hydro Tools 2 for ArcGIS 10

Cargar imagen a la tabla de atributos ArcGIS

Stop editing and since now you can display images in the attribute table (this example is ideal for managing database of flora).

Imágenes en la tabla de atributos en ArcGIS

Please help me with writing (comment), my English is not good.

11 thoughts on “Insert pictures to the attribute table in ArcGIS”

  1. joe says:

    Very good thanks.

  2. Sorin says:

    Is it possible to load multiple images simultaneously?

    1. franzpc says:

      I am not sure, maybe if you add more fields.

  3. Frank says:

    Good, did apply to acrmap 10

  4. Hasan Ranjbari. says:

    Hi.very very Tanks.I learn very much my dear Master.
    i am hasan frome Iran and teach geography in high school.I wait for your oder Training materials

  5. maru says:

    thankyou very much!

  6. piszu says:

    I am an archaeologist and right now I am switching from qgis to Arc GIS. Could you tell me where I could find a basic info about this environment?
    I see that it works a bit different than Qgis

  7. Shubham says:

    Hi Franz,

    I have only recently seen you blog. I love your posts. They are very helpful. I am an urban planner and work extensively with ArcGIS. In one of my projects, that looks at documenting flora of a part of my city – Delhi – I have used a geo-database for photos of trees. The only addition that I have made to your method is to reduce the photo size a bit using picassa.

    I would be more than willing to go through your posts and have a look at your English.



  8. Williamcab says:

    Im grateful for the article post. Will read on… Swauger

  9. aldin says:

    How can I load 2 images?

    1. franzpc says:

      You cant´t load two images.

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