Import XY data tables to ArcGIS

It is important to have tools to add UTM coordinates data from the GPS user recorded manually; this requires having the X, Y and / or Z inserted different fields within a table, or tab separated when working with a text file fields.

ID X Y Z Type Observations
1 658541 9559993 2021 A P01
2 658985 9560192 2061 A P010
3 658597 9560094 2028 B P02
4 658749 9560196 2041 A P03
5 658827 9559952 1951 B P05
6 658792 9559894 1941 B P06
7 658741 9559873 1937 A P07
8 658698 9559838 1936 A P08
9 658592 9559913 1977 A P09

To import data XY table to ArcMap 10 and convert the data to a shapefile, follow these steps:

  • Copy the data table of this example and saved to a file .xls Excel 97-2003 (could also be saved as tab-delimited text * .txt or CSV).
  • Open ArcMap (also works on versions of ArcGIS 8.x and 9.x).
  • Go to the File menu> Add Data> Add XY Data (in version 8.x and 9.x go to the Tools menu).
  • Add sheet of book Microsoft Excel check that all its coordinates match the fields in the dialog box (XYZ).
  • Define the projection and accept.
  • To export as shapefile, right click on the layer of events, go to Data> Export Data, select a directory and save as SHP or Feature Class.

Add XY Data ArcGIS

Note: The main fields of the structure in the table are ID (corresponds to the number of coordinates), X, Y (spatial values), Z (altitude) and others are optional.

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