How to calculate XY coordinates of the points in ArcGIS

To calculate the XY coordinates in the attribute table of a layer of points, you can do it with the Add XY Coordinates tool from ArcToolbox.

The steps to complete the calculation coordinates are:

  • Before starting, you need to have defined the respective reference system.
  • From ArcToolbox, go to Data Management Tools> Features> Add XY Coordinates.
  • In the popup window select the points layer (shapefile), then accept.
  • Open the attribute table of the point layer to display calculated fields.

Agregar XY ArcGIS 10

To calculate geographical coordinates, it is necessary to add two type text fields (latitude/longitude), right-click on the field and select Calcutate Geometry (X Coordinate Point to Longitude, Y Coordinate Point Latitude), in Units select the format of the coordinates geographical.

Calculate geographical coordinates

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2 thoughts on “How to calculate XY coordinates of the points in ArcGIS”

  1. Emo says:

    How’ OUT OF memory’ Problem in the mdb Personal geodabase Project is 20 mb when shape started but at THE Moment 2 gb mdb open THE table of content.

    1. franzpc says:

      You can try with Compact database (from ArcCatalog > Right-click in Geodatabase).

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