GIS apps for Android

In the Google Play application store, for your Android operating system, thanks to its developers you could say that it has an application for everything.

This opportunity is for users involved in geographic information systems, the purpose of the current post is to show applications that enhance the GIS experience in our mobile device.

Aplicaciones SIG para Android

Collector for ArcGIS, the data collector, with its ArcGIS Online account, allows you to collect and update geospatial data, find places and addresses, attach photos and videos, calculate distance and area at the top of the map, among other features.

AutoCAD 360, a CAD mobile application that gives you the freedom and flexibility to view, edit and share DWG ™ and DWF ™ files on your Android phone or tablet, use the device’s GPS system to orient yourself within a drawing.

OruxMaps, (recommended by users) map viewer, GPS plotter, Online with multiple maps, and offline with calibrated maps for OruxMaps, allows you to use reconfigured Ozi Explorer maps, or create your maps, save and view the tracks in standard format Gpx or kml.

Locus, (recommended by users) irreplaceable application for hiking, geocaching and your everyday life. Locus offers many useful features, such as: online maps, wms, kml, gpx, dfx, etc.

gvSIG Mini Maps, a complete viewer of multiple maps, location, position sharing, routes, searches, WMS, download maps in mobile, multitouch, faster and smooth visualization.

Google Maps, essential although it is installed by default a complete free GPS navigation system with voice prompts, find and rate sites and get recommendations, see where your friends are on the map and indicates when you are on a site.

Google Earth, it allows to fly around the planet with just one finger. Explore distant countries or discover how your favorite places have changed. Search by voice for cities, sites and companies. Explore different layers, including roads, borders, sites or photographs, among others.

GPS Essentials, the most complete GPS tool in the market: Navigate, managearwaypoints, tracks, routes, build your own panel of widgets, RECOMMENDED.

Brújula, the leading Android compass, with the location display features and notes tagged with geographical position, distinct designs, location display and integration of the Catch Notes program to easily get notes on the position.

Area & Distance Calculator GPS, this application is useful for calculating areas, perimeters by means of GPS device activation, very useful for calculating areas, perimeters and distances between GPS points.

CoordTransform, it is a tool that converts between geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude, for example of a GPS) and UTM coordinates. The input coordinates can be in decimal degrees (DD), Minutes Seconds (DMS), and Universal Transversal Mercator (UTM). It is a useful tool for reading maps and navigation (land or sea), supports 58 reference ellipsoids, but is not able to transform the coordinates of one ellipsoid to another.

A4Hike, turn your mobile phone into a GPS assistant for hiking and hiking. It has been designed to be lightweight while providing key features for hiking enthusiasts, allowing you to export GPX tours to your device.

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic, it is one of the most popular map, transit and navigation apps with over 50 million users. Join forces with other drivers in the area to dodge traffic, save time and money, and improve everyone’s daily travel, live routing based on traffic information and routes generated in real time by the user community.

Mobile Topographer, your mobile surveyor increases GPS accuracy with a weighted average (on each axis), calibration map, device calibration on the map or at a point, area calculation, file export (txt, csv, kml, dxf ).

OSM Browser, with this application, the map of the OpenStreetMap project can be displayed on the screen of your smartphone. Through different user interactions, it is possible to navigate and zoom in on the map and show your own position.

Telémetro – Smart Measure, an additional application especially for foresters, because it allows to measure the distance and height of an object I can calculate the height of a tree! This application allows you to measure the Distance and Height of an object with the phone using trigonometry.

Do you have an application that you can share? Leave us a comment.

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