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PCI Geomatics is a digital image processing software for all types of aerospace sensors. It allows to classify multispectral images, Raster geoprocessing analytical functions in addition to RADAR data analysis and a visual programming environment among others. It is also compatible with ArcGIS.

PCI Geomatics offers a full-time educational Geomatica Educational grant at no cost to the student, valid for six months to conduct their own research (or thesis). This agreement is that the student will provide PCI Geomatics with a short study case whose goal is to be shared with other students and the general public.

Case Study Agreement:

This program is designed to support students or researchers who are interested in conducting research in remote sensing.

“We want to support followers of the Franz’s blog who are students and / or researchers” message from Aurea Escobar of PCI Geomatics


Be a student at a technical level, bachelor’s degree, master’s or doctorate level.
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Application deadline: April 30, 2017

Non-profit project.

Interested to contact Aurea Escobar:

Do not forget to mention Franz’s blog.

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