Fix line and polygon coordinates in ArcGIS

To modify or correct the coordinates of a vertex (or point) of a line or polygon, you can use the Sketch panel. Suppose that from points taken with a GPS device we have performed the planimetric survey of a terrain. But once we have done all the work we realize that the coordinate of a point has been entered incorrectly, to correct that mistake we can do it easily from the Sketch panel.

With these simple steps we can make the required changes:

  • From the Editor bar start editing with Start editing.
  • Double click on the line or polygon to modify (the vertices turn green).
  • In the editor bar click the Sketch Properties button to open its panel.
  • In the edit panel Sketch Properties you can modify one or more values of each vertex.
  • It is also possible to modify freely with the mouse, it is recommended to do it manually when it is required to enter exact values.
  • Right-click on a segment of the line or polygon you can select Insert Vertex to add a new vertex.
  • Right-click on a vertex you can select Delete Vertex to delete it.

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