Download satellite images of Sentinel 2A

Satellite Sentinel feed with abundant data and images to Copernicus, the European Commission program, carry a multispectral high-resolution camera of 13 bands and a field of view covering 290 kilometers wide and frequent overflights, it provides spectacular views the earth. The mission is based on a constellation of two identical satellites in the same orbit, separated by 180 degrees, to achieve optimal coverage and data download. Every five days satellites cover all the surface.

Satellite imagery can be used for multiple uses, changes in land use, vegetation, pollution, water monitoring, etc. To download the images it can be done through the following steps:

  1. Register (Sign up) in Sentinels Scientific Data Hub (not recommended, but you can enter as a guest by placing in username and password: guest).
  2. Login.
  3. Navigate to the area of interest and draw a box.
  4. In the search bar on the filter icon (left), you can adjust parameters such as date, mission, sensor, product, percentage of clouds. Record once set parameters.
  5. Click on the search icon (right).
  6. In the list of available images, moving the pointer over each set of icons where you can download, select the product, zoom, details and add to cart activated.
  7. Click on Download Product, save the file, decompress, check the data and finally open in the preferred GIS software.

Download satellite images Sentinel-2A

3 thoughts on “Download satellite images of Sentinel 2A”

  1. yidnekachew says:

    it was very help full

  2. Dave says:

    Good!, but i think you should emphasize the various formats and how to display and manipulate them. Thx.

  3. Sudhir says:

    Yes I agree with the Mr. Dave, that more focus should be on handling the data.

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