Download QGIS 3

The QGIS upgrade from version 2 to version 3 brings countless new features and expectations. The main change is access to new versions of Qt and Python. On HiDPI screens, the QGIS 3 user interface will significantly improve.

QGIS 3 is not just a step towards new upgraded dependencies. But it brings with it new features that improve the performance and functionality of the best free software in GIS. Some changes that are intended to be introduced are:

  • Improved geometry editing
  • Improved Processing dialogs
  • New symbols and predefined symbol groups
  • Search in layer and project properties
  • Save images at custom sizes
  • 3D support

While QGIS 3 is planned to be launched in September 2017. For users who do not want to wait and try their new QGIS 3 tools. You can download the development version 2.99 in 32 and 64 bits. When the final version is released we will update this post.

Download QGIS 3

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