GIS Book: Fundamentals of GIS

Geographic information in decision making often goes unnoticed, but it is actually very present in our daily activities. Our eBook Fundamentals of GIS: Applications with ArcGIS shows the potential of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for geoprocessing and mapping using ArcGIS.

This book is designed in a didactic and sequential way, as we advance in the development of the exercises we will acquire and improve our skills in the use of GIS tools, until we get to the publication of a well edited map.

When the exercises in this book are completed and developed, the user will be able to fully understand the fundamentals of GIS, and the use of its main tools to generate maps. This is a book that will teach you from scratch and step by step the use of GIS for your professional projects.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Geographical terms
3. Data models
   3.1. Vector model
   3.2. Raster model
4. ArcMap main window
5. Coordinate systems
6. Georeferencing
7. Generation of vector entities
   7.1. Creating shapefiles
   7.2. Shapefiles edition
   7.3. Working with points
   7.4. Working with lines
   7.5. Working with polygons
   7.6. Define projection of a layer
   7.7. Project a layer to another reference system
8. Tables administration
   8.1. Working with tables
   8.2. Calculation of area, perimeter and length
   8.3. Calculation of XY coordinates
   8.4. Operations
9. Geoprocessing tools
   9.1. Buffer
   9.2. Intersect
   9.3. Clip
   9.4. Merge
   9.5. Dissolve
10. Spatial analyst
   10.1. Interpolations
   10.2. Digital elevation models
   10.3. Creation of slope maps
   10.4. Reclassifications
   10.5. Contour creation
   10.6. Map algebra
   10.7. Topographic profiles
11. Design and publication
   11.1. Symbology of points, lines and polygons
   11.2. Map design
   11.3. Export and print a map
12. Frequently asked questions

Download GIS Book: Fundamentals of GIS: Applications with ArcGIS

Download exercises: Fundamentals of GIS: Applications with ArcGIS

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