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The book provides readers with a wealth of gorgeous, inspiring images and links to powerful web apps and maps that weave interesting stories about our planet and the issues we face. Learn about how imagery data can be used in GIS.

In this book, readers will learn about new capabilities in Esri ArcGIS, including ArcGIS Pro and Drone2Map for ArcGIS, for quickly processing, visualizing, analyzing, managing, and sharing imagery, with 200 links to maps and other materials—includes the following resources like: Maps and apps to visualize and study imagery, Videos about GIS and imagery and Articles about the history of imagery.

Table of Contents

By Lawrie Jordan
How this book works

Chapter 1
Imagery Is Visible Intelligence
A geographic Rosetta stone

Chapter 2
The Nature of Remote Sensing
Information gathered from a distance

Chapter 3
Defining Imagery
GIS and imagery are synergistic

Chapter 4
Perceiving the Imperceptible
Sensors give us superhuman eyes

Chapter 5
Turning Imagery into Information
Analyzing imagery to create understanding

Chapter 6
Creating Mirror Worlds
Enabling a new dimension with 3D imagery

Chapter 7
Imagery in the 4th Dimension
The world’s greatest time machine

Chapter 8
The Ultimate Big Data
Managing imagery information is abig data challenge

Chapter 9
The Future Is Now
The map of the future is an intelligent image

Contributors & acknowledgments

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