Create a GeoAlbum in ArcGIS

You can create a point layer from geotagged photos, obtained from a smartphone or a digital camera with GPS. A map with photos can facilitate compression depending on the subject you want to display.

In ArcGIS 10 the GeoTagged Photos To Points tool lets you create a point layer from geotagged images directory (in Windows Explorer go to the properties of each image on the details tab check if you have GPS information). To elaborate the GeoMap from ArcToolbox go to the following address:

Data Management Tools > Photos > GeoTagged Photos To Points

GeoTagged Photos To Points

In Input Folder to select the folder containing the photos, and in Output Feature Class to name the layer (within a geodatabase). Finally select the check boxes Include Non-GeoTagged Photos and Add Photos As Attachments.

In the new point layer to display images that are linked on the toolbar select HTML Popup, then click on each item to view photos.

HTML Popup

A disadvantage is that you can not print the GeoMap, also eliminates the edges of the window of each image, but with the help of Photoshop could be solved.

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  1. manirakiza moses says:

    i love viewing different areas

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