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It is possible to view and download high resolution satellite georeferenced images and conventional maps submitted by such services as Google Earth, Google Maps, Bing Maps, DigitalGlobe, Yandex, Yahoo! Maps, VirtualEarth, OpenStreetMap with SAS.Planet free program, Downloading maps is implemented as a release area (possibly non-rectangular), and in the process of moving around the map. Maps are updated frequently – the program will allow you to download only the new ones.

One advantage is having georeferenced images to use in ArcGIS, gvSIG, QGIS, Erdas, ENVI, etc.

The first step is to download and run the latest version of application SAS.Planet (no installation required).


Browse the area of ​​interest, select the map server, with the Selection Manager tool, draw the surface download.

SAS Planet download

Download tab select the type of map and the number of zoom levels. If you want the highest resolution, choose a zoom level of 24.

In the Stitch tab must choose the output format of the images, the options are: JPEG, PNG, BMP, JPEG2000, ECW. Then select the path and name of the output file. Also choose the projection default map projection appears.

These are the minimum required options, the rest is optional, but it is good to play with various options and settings. Now click Start

The georeferenced images can be used in ArcGIS, gvSIG, QGIS, Erdas, ENVI, etc.

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17 thoughts on “Download images from Google Earth”

  1. Sameer says:

    Great App.
    It’s working fine !!!

  2. skampus says:

    hi, very interesting, but are you sure that this method is violating licence and policy of google etc?

  3. Luis Barbosa says:

    Thanks, it work’s really well and the results are great!

  4. Francisco Dias says:

    Hi there, excellent tool!
    Many thanks!

  5. Oladipo says:

    I will try this out.

  6. Farhi says:

    It is showing watermarks how can i remove it????

  7. Brock McCarty says:

    Let’s be 100% clear about this, what you are offering above is illegal and is a violation of all licensing agreements with Google Earth. This is the same thing as telling people how to steal music illegally or cars.

    1. Jony Forester says:

      O’k, well, you are 100% right about Google licensing agreements and of course you can compare it with stealing music illegally, but it would not be correct comparison with stealing cars. In such case more correct comparison would be illegal use of public car factory/plant to produce a copy of car… šŸ˜‰

    2. AK says:

      But they built an app for that.

  8. shambhu says:

    Could you please help me to download Google image for ArcGIS software?

    I did this several time but when i open the image in ArcGIS, files is brown white color. No any object is visible. I save the image in JPEG format.

    Is there any solution.

  9. jamb says:

    i am downloading the images but they do not have spatial references. Is there any way to download images with spatial references.

  10. samy says:

    Very good software, and it works fine

  11. Ray Coyne says:

    The program won’t download ?.

  12. ALEX says:

    Excelent soft. Thanks a lot.

  13. San Tit says:

    Dear Sir
    It is the best tool for download high resolution images from other sources, but when i used this tool to download image from Google satellite, it has some problem with tile ( it’s not found). somewhere it could download, but another it could not. Please help me to solve this problem. Thank you in advance !

  14. reza says:

    thank you so much

    it was exactly what I was looking for.

  15. Alik Biswas says:

    It is very useful software. I use it for pipe laying works in some Municipality in the state of West Bengal of country India. Thanks boss, you are great. God bless you all.

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